NY Times:

Everything was carefully thought through, from the details of pacing and balance to the amount of grit in the bowing of the finale...sumptuous.

Washington Post:

Produced a dazzling performance.   

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Prodigious and aristocratic violin playing.

Detroit Free press:

Extraordinary precision and poise.   

Tampa Bay Times:

Multer leads Florida Orchestra with passionate abandon Right from the plaintive passage by the soloist at the start of Sibelius’ violin concerto, Multer brought a passionate romanticism to the great Slavic melodies. He plunged into the first-movement cadenza with fearless abandon. 

Greensboro News and Record:

Everyone listened almost breathlessly to every note...in his hands the piece touched the emotions deeply speaking of love and loss, pride and sadness.    

Richmond Times Dispatch:

Gave the concerto and his audience exactly what they needed last night: a performance that kept every musical idea and technical gesture in sharp focus.    

Cincinnati Post:

...offered a dazzling performance...rosin flew and feelings were bared...brilliant.